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Shenzhen Soeyi Technology Ltd. exhibition Master one is the industry leader in IT and consumer electronics suppliers. We focus on the needs of customers continued to innovate in computer chassis, computer power, mobile power, keyboard and mouse and other products to build a leading edge ..2015-03-13 22:05:48 [More>>]
Seoyi Makai power technology to conduct a million dollar insurance Seoyi technology recently new products constantly, especially the ACBEL science and technology after 2 years of combined to create millions of dollars in insurance and three years for new Makai computer power attracted the attention of consumer and..2015-03-12 17:08:34 [More>>]
Computer power 80PLUS standard introduction 80PLUS is in recent years the field of power gradually popular argument. 80PLUS is a standard, originally proposed by the U.S. Department of energy. Its standard is now developed by Consulting Ecos, and testing the power supply for testing and cert..2015-03-12 17:06:09 [More>>]
DIY computer chassis to focus on what DIY computer chassis to focus on what: 1, the first appearance of material, the plate is not too thin, this is the chassis is the most easy to see a factor, generally need not less than 0.4mm, otherwise easily lead to deformation. 2, you ..2015-03-12 17:04:43 [More>>]
The concept of electromagnetic radiation of computer power source Computer power supply is the 220V alternating current into direct current, and specifically for the computer fittings such as motherboard, drives, graphics card, power supply equipment, is the hub of the power supply of each component of the..2015-03-12 17:03:16 [More>>]
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