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Seoyi technology differentiated products exhibition in Taibei

admin Soeyi 2020-05-18 3736 105

Soeyi technology takes the characteristic products of "personality, craftsmanship and differentiation" as the route, cultivates meticulously for many years, and obtains the praise of many peers in the world, meanwhile, it has a large number of loyal user fans.

Soeyi technology's booth is located at c0435, hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center, the main exhibition area. Its booth design is also like its product concept. It is very personalized and differentiated. It uses unique decoration technology, which is very eye-catching and unique as a whole.

In this exhibition, Shuoyi technology focuses on computer case, power supply and CPU radiator, while its "mobile power supply, Bluetooth speaker and mobile phone self timer" is not focused on the exhibition, but its products on the exhibition stand are also dazzling. In terms of case, there are both Mini itx and mini micro ATX, standard ATX, medium tower, high-end full tower game, etc.; in terms of power supply, there are itx full chip open, micor, military camouflage power supply, super power gold medal power supply and mysterious real artifact power supply; in terms of CPU radiator, there are common type, mini itx type and super game type.

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