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The concept of electromagnetic radiation of computer power source

Soeyi Soeyi 2020-05-01 3533 102

Computer power supply is the 220V alternating current into direct current, and specifically for the computer fittings such as motherboard, drives, graphics card, power supply equipment, is the hub of the power supply of each component of the computer, is an important part of the computer.

Currently computer power mostly switched mode power supply, switch power supply voltage and current of the dramatic changes, electromagnetic compatibility problems, as shown in the figure, for typical switch SW power waveform, the waveform with severe di / DT, resulting in electromagnetic interference:


Mainly including the conduction interference and the radiation interference:

Conductive interference: a concept used to measure the size of the electronic interference signal of the electronic product during the operation of the whole network..

Radiated interference: electromagnetic interference of electromagnetic wave form through space.

For non professionals to understand EMC interference problem is very difficult, invisible touch, and affect the existence, prone to panic, this, the station will continue to stand in the professional perspective of electromagnetic interference generated, risk, assessment and solving measures.

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