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Computer power 80PLUS standard introduction

Soeyi Soeyi 2020-05-06 3887 102

80PLUS is in recent years the field of power gradually popular argument. 80PLUS is a standard, originally proposed by the U.S. Department of energy. Its standard is now developed by Consulting Ecos, and testing the power supply for testing and certification.

The use of computer equipment are DC DC. The power supply of the grid is AC AC. Power supply is the role of alternating current into DC. And this conversion process is energy loss. In addition 220V alternating current rectification will be formed in the 300+V DC (depending on the active or no source PFC), and most of the use of computer equipment is 12V and 5V DC power, pressure will also cause energy loss. 80PLUS is a standard for the Lord to reduce energy waste.

Market now consists of white card, bronze, silver, and gold, and white gold, titanium gold medal six level standard, in order to enhance, the evaluation standard is the main power is power load in 20% (low load), 50% (the typical load), 100% (full load) under the power energy conversion efficiency (which titanium gold increased 10% load of energy conversion efficiency requirements). Secondly, the power factor of the 80PLUS is greater than 90% (the power factor of the titanium medal is more than 95% under the rated load)..

From this we can see that the real representative of 80PLUS is power saving energy efficiency. A 80PLUS certified power, is not necessarily a good power. Users in the purchase of power, only concerned about the 80PLUS signs, is not comprehensive.

As shown in the figure is master a Makai G3 G5 power, won a silver medal in the standard, efficiency of half load up to 88%, in the computer power supply industry is already leading level:


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