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Seoyi Makai power technology to conduct a million dollar insurance

Soeyi Soeyi 2020-05-12 4019 102

Seoyi technology recently new products constantly, especially the ACBEL science and technology after 2 years of combined to create millions of dollars in insurance and three years for new Makai computer power attracted the attention of consumer and selling.

Solemn commitment: three years for a new million dollars in insurance

Seoyi Makai power market can cause so much attention and the rapid formation of a hot trend, in addition to fit consumer demand, and the actual unique leading technology is has an important association. Master the devil one power and the world's top power generation plant ACBEL after 2 years of planning, the experiment and by stringent quality control system precision and, the is classic twin is shock + unique MAG amp Technology, using the combination of products, not only high efficiency and stability than the other power will exponentially increase. Now let us work together to understand a master Makai unique MAG technology AMP power supply:

  The classic twin Makai power forward + MAG AMP unique technology

Makai power MAG amp different in general magnetic amplifier technology, Makai power magnetic amplifier technology is more special, with high square B-H hysteresis characteristics of Co based amorphous and nanocrystalline than, the unsaturated impedance state great, almost no current through, saturated state impedance is almost zero, and therefore through the current and the voltage drop close to zero potential is very unique and stable pulse width modulation buck regulator.

AMP MAG diagram

Magnetic amplifier is composed of magnetic saturation metal core and coil around the metal core, also known as magnetic saturation inductance.

Makai power adopts high purity copper and high quality metal core magnetic saturation as the magnetic saturation inductance

Makai power supply using the magnetic saturation amplifier principle of constant voltage control control voltage is 3.3V, when the output voltage is increased, the benchmark IC1 output drive current to Q8 conduction, so as to increase the circulation Q8 current, the current in the switch tube cut-off period of saturated magnetic amplifier to magnetic, the magnetic saturation amplifier to increase voltage absorption capacity. The output voltage of the Q8 can be decreased more if the turn-on capability of the Q8 is better, and the output voltage will be increased and the output voltage is stable..

From the icon, you can see master a Makai power unique MAG amp Technology to ensure that the voltage deviation can be controlled within 0.8% of amazing, such that the voltage stability ensures that the computer whether it is for a long time or load or moment load changes can be stable and efficient operation, particularly suitable for high-end high-end gaming computer, professional design and computer and Internet bar computer configuration application requirements.

Soeyi technology: personalized, technology differences of specialty products for routes to: "shaping the taste of computer peripherals brand" for the vision, in recent years, increasing product innovation and R & D investment, to the vast number of consumers brought many characteristics and even the classic product, the devil's power also let us deep feelings, expectations of follow-up can see Shuo technology more features, high-quality, high experience a sense of products.

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